Nautilus Captains Log
Captain Gordon’s Noon Report. Socorro Island, Mexico. June 19, 2012.

Our third and final day at Roca Partida. Wind is up a bit more, 12 gusting 15 at times from the north so a little more chop from that. Still around 5-8’ long swell from the NW but a little shorter from the wind. Sky overcast today.

Finished two dives so far, diving is still awesome. Teeming with sharks down there. Loads of big yellow fin tuna all over the place. Really really good diving. Planning on departing tonight around 2200 for overnight run to Socorro.

Everything OK onboard.


Captain Gordon

Captains Report. Socorro Island, Mexico. June 15, 2012

Just finished second dive of the day at Roca Partida. Diving continues to be outstanding. Loads of silky sharks, big tuna and other fish/sharks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so good. Guests are loving it.

Wx today similar to yesterday, around 10-12 kts from the north and long ocean swell from the NW, partly cloudy today.

Still planning on one more dive day here tomorrow before heading to Socorro Island to check in at the navy base.

Captain Gordon’s Noon Report. Socorro Island, Mexico. June 14, 2012.

Had an easy overnight transit from Socorro last night, arrived Roca Partida 0700 this morning. Seas a little bigger than I was expecting, around 5-8’ at 12 sec from the WNW with 5-10 kts from the NW this morning.

Just finished second dive of the day. Lots and lots of sharks, big school of silky/Galagapos/silver-tips all kinda mixed together. Maybe a hundred sharks.

I could actually see them schooling from the surface on the zodiac for most of the time. Also had a giant manta around on dive 2 for most of the divers. Lots of action here right now.

Had a chopper from a tuna boat buzz overhead but haven’t seen the boat around yet.

Sky is clear and all fine onboard. 


Captain Gordon

Captains Al’s Noon Report. Socorro, Mexico. June 4th, 2012.

Well one good dive can sure change the mood, but that’s what they come here for. First dive at the Canyon, San Benedicto Island. No giant mantas, anticipation, no joy. Second dive anticipation and Mantas everywhere, jumped in with one of the guests who was having problems and saw five mantas at the same time hovering around the cleaning station and circling the divers, great dive, wi. Vis today here was easy 100’/30 metres water temp at depth 73 as warm as 76 at the surface. Really chilly for this time of year.  We have WNW wind 10-15 with 2’wind chop on a 3-5’ westerly swell. 

All else is good.

Captain Al