Nautilus Captains Log
Captain Gordon’s Noon Report. Socorro Island, Mexico. June 26, 2012.

Had a nice overnight transit to Roca Partida last night, arriving 0700. Wx this morning not as nice as was forecast, had 10-15 kts from the north all morning and associated wave height on top of the swell around. Sky has cleared mid morning and a nice sunny day now. First dive we had a small whaleshark for the whole dive, some dolphins, lots of sharks. One diver reported seeing the big school of 100+ silkie sharks. Second dive just as good minus the whaleshark. Everyone is very happy and all is well onboard.

Saw a tuna boat near San Benedicto yesterday. I didn’t get a close enough look at it other than to make out that it was a tuna boat, I’ll report it to navy when we get to Socorro Island. Also saw some lights last night which may have been a fishing boat, around 15 miles north of the rock. We’ll get you full details to pass on to authorities in Mexico City to help them take action.

Captain Gordon

Captain Gordon’s Noon Report. Socorro Island, Mexico. June 19, 2012.

Our third and final day at Roca Partida. Wind is up a bit more, 12 gusting 15 at times from the north so a little more chop from that. Still around 5-8’ long swell from the NW but a little shorter from the wind. Sky overcast today.

Finished two dives so far, diving is still awesome. Teeming with sharks down there. Loads of big yellow fin tuna all over the place. Really really good diving. Planning on departing tonight around 2200 for overnight run to Socorro.

Everything OK onboard.


Captain Gordon

Captain Gordon’s Noon Report. Socorro Island, Mexico. June 14, 2012.

Had an easy overnight transit from Socorro last night, arrived Roca Partida 0700 this morning. Seas a little bigger than I was expecting, around 5-8’ at 12 sec from the WNW with 5-10 kts from the NW this morning.

Just finished second dive of the day. Lots and lots of sharks, big school of silky/Galagapos/silver-tips all kinda mixed together. Maybe a hundred sharks.

I could actually see them schooling from the surface on the zodiac for most of the time. Also had a giant manta around on dive 2 for most of the divers. Lots of action here right now.

Had a chopper from a tuna boat buzz overhead but haven’t seen the boat around yet.

Sky is clear and all fine onboard. 


Captain Gordon

Captains Al’s Noon Report. Socorro, Mexico. June 4th, 2012.

Well one good dive can sure change the mood, but that’s what they come here for. First dive at the Canyon, San Benedicto Island. No giant mantas, anticipation, no joy. Second dive anticipation and Mantas everywhere, jumped in with one of the guests who was having problems and saw five mantas at the same time hovering around the cleaning station and circling the divers, great dive, wi. Vis today here was easy 100’/30 metres water temp at depth 73 as warm as 76 at the surface. Really chilly for this time of year.  We have WNW wind 10-15 with 2’wind chop on a 3-5’ westerly swell. 

All else is good.

Captain Al

Noon Report, Jan 2012. Roca Partida, Socorro, Mexico.

Diving Roca Partida again today, finished the day yesterday with a big pod of dolphins spending a long time with the divers.

So far today very sharky, with several sightings of 30+ hammerheads, a school of 15 -20 galapagos sharks, plus the usual other sharks and fish. Conditions underwater still good.

Wx is similar to yesterday, winds 5-10 kts from the NE, swell 6-9’ from the NW with some smaller swell from the NE. Mostly cloudy today. Merc outboard on rescue boat is running again. Logistics of getting it to a repair shop in Cabo on same day turn with no dock was too much so we took it with us and Marv gave it another go and got it running. We had a leak in the hot water line which was leaking onto the bed in Cabin C. Not too much water leaked out and Marv jumped on it right away, drained the line and repaired it.

That’s all,


Noon Report, Jan 2012. Socorro Island, Mexico.

Had a good silky snorkel last night, half a dozen big silkie sharks in close the whole time. Overnight transit from Socorro Island to Roca Partida last night was decent, most of the swell seems to be coming from the ongoing NE winds with the NW swell long enough not to bother us too much. Had around 10 kts of wind overnight, this morning so far it’s been 5-10 from the NE with 5-7’ from the NE and the bigger but much longer 6-9’ from the NW. Sky has been partly cloudy. Diving conditions are great today, mild current and viz 100 ++ ft of blue water.

Pretty sharky as well with schooling hammerheads and a couple dolphin encounters. With the diving so far we’ll probably try for day two here tomorrow unless the forecast is sketchy. No other boats around, mood is good onboard.

All ok,


Night Report Trip #391 JAN 18, 2012. Socorro Island, Mexico.

Good Evening,

Things quickly settling into a normal trip now. Manta 101/Dive briefing r & r for guests and mingling visiting for Divemasters, painting for the deckhand and getting back to normal schedule for inside crew, everyone is happy.

Seas have now settled in with a 4-7 Nw sea with about a 9 second period, ride is pretty comfortable but still the very odd roller. Wind is 10-15 Maintaining 1400 and looking at more like an 0900 arrival unless we pick up a push later tonight.

Engine room checks today have all been good, all IR readings on the engine have even across all cylinder heads. Things looking very good. It will take Larry another day to finish final clean up and get ER back into tip top shape.

All for tonight, thanks again from the boat crew to our shore support, not just for their assistance over the past few days, but for all the work you do to make things happen down here.