Nautilus Captains Log
Noon Report. Feb, 2012. Socorro Island, Mexico.

Had a very nice overnight transit to Roca Partida last night. Arrived 0700 this morning and have completed two dives so far today. Diving is good today, dolphins on both dives and fairly sharky with galapagos and silkies. No hammerhead sharks yet. Conditions are nice with good viz and mild current. Wx is great, a light wind from the NE and a long 6-10’swell from the WNW, sunny skies. A couple humpback whales around this morning but only briefly and not too close. Pretty quiet so far this season with the humpbacks.

Another boat was here this morning as well. We had a little disagreement this morning when I called them to try to organize our schedules. We both had our first dive scheduled for 0800. I offered to try to get my divers in by 0730 if they could delay until 0830 (their next dive wasn’t scheduled until 1130). We got it sorted really quick and no problem. It’s all fine and good for the moment.

All else is Ok onboard,


Captain Gordon’s Night Report. San Benedicto, Socorro Island, Mexico.

Nice overnight transit last night to the Boiler at San Benedicto. Weather today is beautiful, mostly clear skies, a light breeze from the NNE and a long 6-7’ swell from the NW, mild current. Perfect Boiler conditions. First dive was OK but all the mantas showed up on the second dive, 7 individuals and all playing for the entire dive. Great dive.

Gonna do 2 more here this afternoon, have dinner on the hook and depart for Cabo San Lucas around 2045. No rush. I want to anchor where it will be silky smooth for dinner. Noticed one boat down at the canyon on approach to the island this morning but haven’t seen them since arriving at the Boiler. Took the dryers apart and cleaned all the lint out of them and the vent lines yesterday. Seachest intake covers were taken off and cleaned, they were in good shape and no barnacles seen inside the intake manifold.

We have some sharp freaking props…I laid my hand over the edge of one to hold on while freediving on the hull and instantly sliced my hand.


Captain Gordon’s Noon Report. Pta Tosca, Socorro Island, Mexico.

Anchored overnight last night at Pta Tosca after a pretty good silky shark snorkel, lots of big silkies around last night.  Just finished dive 2, first one really good with lots of dolphins around and a few mantas playing. Second dive good just 1 manta though and some brief dolphin appearances. Pretty windy today, looks like 15 kts and gusting from the NNE, a bit of a WNW swell rolling in maybe 6-7’ 13 sec. Sky mostly clear today. 

Planning to head up to San Benedicto this evening after having dinner at the anchor here at Pta Tosca. Everyone seems very happy with everything so mood is good. 

All Ok, 


From the Captain, Jan 2012. Socorro Island, Mexico.

At 1140 we’re 90 miles north of San Benedicto, power 1400 ETA Canyon 2200. Wx so far has been perfect, overnight conditions like a lake, light airs and smooth seas. Today we have a a long 4-5’ swell from the WNW that’s rolling under us without much effect and wind is still light from the north. Sky is clear and air is warm. Boarding went fine last night. Guest who lost her luggage managed to pickup a few items at Walmart before coming to the boat and we’ll get her geared up with loaner dive gear. The Brazilian group who had the issues with the length of the trip all seem content, the trip leader had talked to them before hand as you said Mike, and there were no problems when they boarded.

Jason and friends all settled in nicely and enjoying the ride so far.

All systems working well, no major issues to report.



Noon Report, Jan 2012. Cabo Pearce, Socorro Island, Mexico.

Had a great afternoon at the Boiler yesterday, 7 mantas playing and great viz and conditions. After 4th dive we headed to Socorro and anchored at Bahia Braithwaite for the night. Navy inspection this morning went fine and we just finished dive 1 here at Cabo Pearce. We have a few mantas around and a few people saw some dolphins. While the divers were down we saw from the boats a big pod of false-killer whales go through.

Plan to do 2 more dives here this afternoon, then were gonna head to Pta Tosca for the night snorkel and then RP overnight and dive there for the next two days. Wx today is nice, no swell over on the east side of Socorro, just 5-10 kts from the NE and a very small wind chop, sky is mostly cloudy with sunny breaks.



Night Report Trip #391 JAN 18, 2012. Socorro Island, Mexico.

Good Evening,

Things quickly settling into a normal trip now. Manta 101/Dive briefing r & r for guests and mingling visiting for Divemasters, painting for the deckhand and getting back to normal schedule for inside crew, everyone is happy.

Seas have now settled in with a 4-7 Nw sea with about a 9 second period, ride is pretty comfortable but still the very odd roller. Wind is 10-15 Maintaining 1400 and looking at more like an 0900 arrival unless we pick up a push later tonight.

Engine room checks today have all been good, all IR readings on the engine have even across all cylinder heads. Things looking very good. It will take Larry another day to finish final clean up and get ER back into tip top shape.

All for tonight, thanks again from the boat crew to our shore support, not just for their assistance over the past few days, but for all the work you do to make things happen down here.