Nautilus Captains Log
"It’s a wrap at Roca Partida." Jan 2012, Mexico.

It’s a wrap at Roca Partida. Great two days of diving and we even dodged a bullet. Just as we were hauling the boats and getting ready to get underway, a mexican navy frigate steamed up to the rock. Made radio contact with them through Joel. It took some time, as at first they wanted to come on board and inspect us. But the Captain remembered us from seeing us many times in the area and they told us we were free to proceed. The Rocio del Mar was not so fortunate. They became the center of attention after we were let off the hook. Next time I see them will ask how long they had to have the company of the mexican navy.

Everything probably could not have been better for diving out here. Sun today, etc wind laid down for most of the day to less than 10 swell was only issue with NE and NW combining once in a while to make loading and unloading a bit of a challenge. Expect to arrive at the Canyon at San benedicto for 0200. Plan is to stay there for the two morning dives and move to boiler. May not move if the canyon is hot or if the conditions are getting bad on the boiler. Guests and crew are writing some blogs tonight and will send those in the morning.

Captain Al