Nautilus Captains Log
Captain Gordon’s Noon Report. Socorro Island, Mexico.

Arrived at Clarion Island 0600 this morning. Transit over was pretty good most of the way. Seas did increase around 0400 with wind picking up as well to around 15 kts NNE and gusting. Swell seemed to be up around 10 ft this morning but period was long enough that it didn’t affect our ride much. The wind chop was the biggest culprit, but all things considered it was pretty nice.

Had our inspection around 0800 this morning and all went fine, then moved over to the SE corner of the island. I haven’t dove here before but did dive just around the corner on the NE corner last year which was really good. Today we are diving at Roca Pyramide. We anchored just to the North of the rock. The water is beautiful, 80-100 ft of viz. The dive was really good. A lot of dolphins around the divers for almost the entire dive. One big Tiger shark spotted by half a dozen people, and a small silky shark.

Wind is up right now a steady 15 kts easily from the NNE so this is as far north as we can go before we start getting the big seas. We are fully sheltered from the big WNW swell here. Had a good heavy rain shower for around 10 minutes as well during the dive.

All good so far. Hoping for a chance to find that seamount on the northwest side of the island tomorrow but we’ll see what happens with this weather.

Captain Gordon