Nautilus Captains Log
Morning Report Trip #391 Jan 22, 2012. Roca Partida, Mexico.

The start to the trip is becoming a dim memory for most of the guests. Another day at The Rock will help. The Rocio del Mar arrived at sunrise and we have discussed a dive schedule which meets our needs, so our group is staging about 15 minutes later than normal. Overnight the wind came up substantially and we had quite a blow happening about 0200, finally at 0430 it had enough and has now dropped back to less than 10 from the NE. Still have two swell trains from the NE and NW combined for about 3-5’ making the conditions a little better than yesterday. The sun is out which is a change, should make for more light. As soon as diving is done for the day here we will be heading out for the Canyon/San Benedicto.

No problems to report, all is good.


Night Report Trip #391 Jan 21, 2012. Roca Partida, Mexico.

Tonight was the first night this trip I have been able to spend any time sitting and talk with the guests at dinner. Would say at this point they are very happy with their trip in spite of the start. Seas are a little bigger tonight than I thought they might be. Mid sized swell from NE and NW of 4-6’ and after sunset the wind came up to 15 -20 for about an hour. It has now dropped off to about 10 from the nne. Program is for another 4 dive day at RP tomorrow and depending upon the whale behavior we see probably watch and not try getting in the water with them. Not coming close enough to do that. No new problems, all is good.


From Captain Gordon Jan, 2012. Socorro Island, Mexico.

Had a nice transit overnight last night to Roca partida after a good silky shark snorkel. Arrived at 0700 and we have beautiful weather here so far today, blue skies, 5 kts from the NNE, and an easy 4-6’ swell from the NNW. Conditions underwater just as good with 100 ft plus viz and mild current. On the morning dive we had dolphins playing with the divers, plus a school of galapagos and schooling hammerhead sharks. Second dive great also. No other boats around today. Doesn’t matter. The Solmar is the only other boat out here that knows the secrets to diving Socorro.

All ok onboard.