Nautilus Captains Log
Noon Report. Feb, 2012. Socorro Island, Mexico.

Had a very nice overnight transit to Roca Partida last night. Arrived 0700 this morning and have completed two dives so far today. Diving is good today, dolphins on both dives and fairly sharky with galapagos and silkies. No hammerhead sharks yet. Conditions are nice with good viz and mild current. Wx is great, a light wind from the NE and a long 6-10’swell from the WNW, sunny skies. A couple humpback whales around this morning but only briefly and not too close. Pretty quiet so far this season with the humpbacks.

Another boat was here this morning as well. We had a little disagreement this morning when I called them to try to organize our schedules. We both had our first dive scheduled for 0800. I offered to try to get my divers in by 0730 if they could delay until 0830 (their next dive wasn’t scheduled until 1130). We got it sorted really quick and no problem. It’s all fine and good for the moment.

All else is Ok onboard,