Nautilus Captains Log
Captain Gordon’s Noon Report. Socorro Island, Mexico. June 26, 2012.

Had a nice overnight transit to Roca Partida last night, arriving 0700. Wx this morning not as nice as was forecast, had 10-15 kts from the north all morning and associated wave height on top of the swell around. Sky has cleared mid morning and a nice sunny day now. First dive we had a small whaleshark for the whole dive, some dolphins, lots of sharks. One diver reported seeing the big school of 100+ silkie sharks. Second dive just as good minus the whaleshark. Everyone is very happy and all is well onboard.

Saw a tuna boat near San Benedicto yesterday. I didn’t get a close enough look at it other than to make out that it was a tuna boat, I’ll report it to navy when we get to Socorro Island. Also saw some lights last night which may have been a fishing boat, around 15 miles north of the rock. We’ll get you full details to pass on to authorities in Mexico City to help them take action.

Captain Gordon

Captains Al’s Noon Report. Socorro, Mexico. June 4th, 2012.

Well one good dive can sure change the mood, but that’s what they come here for. First dive at the Canyon, San Benedicto Island. No giant mantas, anticipation, no joy. Second dive anticipation and Mantas everywhere, jumped in with one of the guests who was having problems and saw five mantas at the same time hovering around the cleaning station and circling the divers, great dive, wi. Vis today here was easy 100’/30 metres water temp at depth 73 as warm as 76 at the surface. Really chilly for this time of year.  We have WNW wind 10-15 with 2’wind chop on a 3-5’ westerly swell. 

All else is good.

Captain Al

Noon Report Trip #392 Feb 1, 2012. Socorro Island, Mexico.

Poor visibility to report unfortunately. It doesn’t happen often but today was the day. Solmar pulled back into the canyon after first dive at the boiler, very poor conditions out there no vis, no mantas, lots of current, so it made our decision easy to stay here for the day. Hammerhead sharks and Mantas both dives this morning and this afternoon people feeling a need for a bit more manta action. We will be staying on the hook here until 2000 and be underway for Cabo then. All is good no new deficiencies to report.


Morning and Underway Report Trip #390 Jan 8, 2012

Good Morning

Just finished picking passengers up at the Pemex Fuel Dock in Cabo San Lucas. All Pax and crew are on board 23/10. 29” Diesel, weather course is set out of Cabo, power set at 1400, Hydraulic Genset has a developing starter problem, purchase request sent seperately. Navy tells us that they will no longer be tied up at our dock by the end of the month.  We can then have our regular berth back…